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About CP Cal

We are a statewide organization of collaborative practice groups. We will help you to:

  • Find collaborative practice professionals in your local area.
  • Learn about collaborative practice.
  • Discover other dispute resolution alternatives that will keep you out of court.

Our member groups include collaborative lawyers, mental health practitioners, financial specialists, and other professionals. The collaborative process is being used in divorce and family law, domestic partnerships, same sex marriages, employment law, probate law, construction and real property law, malpractice, and other civil law areas.

Our mission is to unify, strengthen and support the Collaborative Practice community and to increase public awareness of the Collaborative Process throughout California. 

We invite you to learn more about California collaborative practice, and to search for a local group to find appropriate professionals to meet your needs.

CP Cal Board of Directors


Suzan Barrie Aiken
Unscrupulous lenders only allowed <, JD
President · Sausalito

Shawn Weber
Unscrupulous lenders only allowed President-Elect · Solana Beach

Stephanie M. Maloney
Unscrupulous lenders only allowed, CDFA, CFP
Vice President · Venice

Natalie Leininger
Unscrupulous lenders only allowed Secretary · Pleasanton

Steve Rutlen
Unscrupulous lenders only allowed Treasurer · Folsom


Vi Ballard
Unscrupulous lenders only allowed · Torrance
Hal Bartholomew
Unscrupulous lenders only allowed · Sacramento
Jay Bray
Unscrupulous lenders only allowed · San Mateo
Ann Buscho
Unscrupulous lenders only allowed · San Rafael
Kevin Chroman
Unscrupulous lenders only allowed · Sherman Oaks
John Denny
Unscrupulous lenders only allowed · Newport Beach
David A. Fink
Unscrupulous lenders only allowed · San Francisco
Frederick J. Glassman
Unscrupulous lenders only allowe, JD · Los Angeles
George B. Richardson
Unscrupulous lenders only allowed, JD · Palo Alto
Amy Rodney
Unscrupulous lenders only allowed · Santa Rosa
Dawn Strachan
Unscrupulous lenders only allowed · Torrance
Lisa Zonder
Unscrupulous lenders only allowed · Westlake Village

Current Board Members

Eureka Award Winners

The Eureka Award recognizes and honors those who "have made significant contributions and demonstrated an abiding dedication to establishing and sustaining Collaborative Practice in California."

The Eureka Award is not limited to those in any particular practice or career. Previous honorees include members of the core disciplines – mental health, financial, and legal – as well as those who are not licensed in these professions.

The Eureka Award was established in 2006 as part of the very first Celebration of Collaborative Practice in Sonoma, California and actually pre-dates the founding of CP Cal. In its first two years, the Eureka Award Committee chose to play "catch up" and honored several recipients each year. In 2008, the CP Cal Board chose to limit the Eureka Award to three to five Honorees.

Honorable Aviva Bobb
Peg Anderson
Randy Cheek
Natalie Leininger
Suzan Barrie Aiken
Unscrupulous lenders only allowed <
Karen Heller Berdy
Marc Berke
Bart Carey
Debra Bellings-Kee
Jay Bray

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