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CP Cal Committees

The committees and tasks forces in California have been working hard to provide benefits for the Collaborative groups in California. This means countless hours of phone conferences and meetings to meet ambitious goals for educating practitioners and promoting Collaborative Practice statewide. All members of CP Cal practice groups are welcome and encouraged to join our committees.

At the 2013 Board Retreat, the committee structure was reorganized into five groups, Member Group Support, Celebration, Special Initiatives, Public Education, and Revenue and Fundraising.  In April 2014, a new group, Trusts & Estates/Civil, was added.  All subcommittees and task forces fall under the umbrella of one the six standing committees, as outlined below.

Member Group Support 
John Denny and Hal Bartholomew, Co-chairs 
Shares Collaborative Practice information, education and training opportunities with member groups and works to promote and maintain high standards of Collaborative Practice in California.

  • Newsletter____________, Chair/Editor.
    Reaches out to our member groups and their individual members, through periodic electronic newsletters, to keep them informed of activities of our board and delegates, and events throughout the state.
  • ToolboxSteve Rutlen and Hal Bartholomew, Co-chairs. Members:  
    Collects and develops practice management tools for member groups and Collaborative practitioners. 
  • Delegate Relations – North:  Jay Bray, Chair.  Members: Michael Tonjum, Susan Campbell, Kathryn Amenta, Kathleen Faulkner.  South:  John Denny, Chair. Members:  
    Nurtures the board’s relationships with the delegates, enlistment of practitioners to committees, task forces, and delegate/leadership positions, and supporting intergroup projects and trainings for the practice groups throughout California.
  • Practice Excellence Amy Rodney and Ann Buscho, Co-chairs. Members:   
    Surveys practice groups to learn about similarities and differences in group structures, leadership positions, committees, group trainings, and group projects.  In 2013, this may include exploration of work being done to streamline Collaborative Practice for efficiency, providing collaborative practice services to modest means clients, and creation of an ethics hot line.

        Lisa Zonder/Dawn Strachan and Lisa Murray/Amy Paul, Co-chairs
        Oversees and directs the production of the annual statewide conference.   

        Special Initiatives
        Suzan Barrie Aiken, Chair

        • Legislation Fred Glassman and David Fink, Co-chairs. Members:
          Navigates through the legislative process and community to educate the appropriate interests on the advisability of and support for the Uniform Collaborative Law Rules/Act.  
        • Domestic Violence Kathleen O`Connor and David Fink, Co-chairs. Members:
          Reaches out and educates the community and professions involved in Domestic Violence about Collaborative Practice.
        • Diversity – Fred Glassman and Jay Bray,  Co-chairs.  Members: Bart Carey, Caryn Espo, Gloria Flores-Cerul, Christine Kerian, Tara McGuinness, Julie Milligan, Janae Monroe, Lissa Rapoport, Jena Stara, Ellyn Stein, James Walton  
          Addresses, informs and educates member groups regarding diversity, including: identifying the scope of diversity; engaging in efforts to recruit diverse allied professionals to participate in Collaborative Practice; developing and circulating information on diversity to member groups and their individuals; and increasing diversity awareness not only within member groups but throughout the California community.

        Trusts & Estates/Civil
        Natalie Leininger and Doug Rosner, Co-chairs
        Promotes education for both professionals and the public on Collaborative Practice for Trusts, Estates, and Civil disputes. Professional education/training and outreach to practice groups to expand the practice groups to include Trusts & Estates and Civil practitioners. Public education outreach through workshops (similar to Divorce Options) and other public education initiatives that may be identified in the future.

          Public Education
          George Richardson, Stephanie Maloney and Shawn Weber, Co-chairs
          Develops and disseminates materials for the education of the public and professionals about CP Cal and Collaborative Practice through various modes

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